Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Stay Tuned...

Photo Credit: Haley Dennis Photography (check her out she is so talented and I love her : https://www.facebook.com/haleydennisphoto/?fref=ts) Hydrangea Lane is gearing up for wedding season, and flower crowns help! We are so excited over here! Stay tuned for updated pics from Hydrangea Lane's Events...

Sunday, November 22, 2015

August Newhall Mansion Wedding

I know, this is way overdue.

...But God gave me a beautiful year, a brand-new baby, and I went on hiatus to enjoy each second. It has all just been incredible.

And wanted to share this beautiful August wedding. The bride for this day was like a long lost friend of mine and working with her and being around her day of was such a blast and a blessing. She not only was kind but gave me total artistic freedom and was so laid back and just let me stylize and design her wedding to my heart's content. For anyone in my realm of design- you know I am describing a DREAM CLIENT. It was amazing and unforgettable!!

Enjoy the soft pinks, creams, and navy blue hues of this unforgettable day (cue the heart eyes). Fresh Kale, blue thistle, cabbage roses, eucalyptus, gerber daisies, and viburnum baerries- GALORE.

I also want to credit the INCREDIBLE JM Photo Art (https://www.facebook.com/JMPhotoArt/ or www.jennymarvin.com) for the images, and for being so funny as we were moving furniture around posing photos prior to the ceremony (haha).

Also, the wedding coordinator (bride's cousin Jessica McGlothlin) for this event was amazing. I know everyone wants to be positive and say nice things, but seriously. I loved her. We had a ceremony site change that left me scrounging for leftover flowers and on a ladder throwing an arch together as guests were arriving. The wedding coordinator had everything under control and even managed the flowers after I left so I didn't have to make multiple trips. It was awesome.  I couldn't leave my bride without any flowers for the new site, so alas, the arch was made!

Friday, July 4, 2014

Celebration Flowers: Speed Limit 75

Hydrangea Lane was privileged to provide the floral design for a 75th surprise birthday bash! This was a gift, so it was nice to enjoy the Gold in the Giving!
Enjoy the pics below with a special thanks to the expertise of scottmichaelblog.com.

Photo from my personal instagram account :)

Monday, March 31, 2014

Retreat Posies

Last week, I had the honor of serving my church in providing some pretty posies to liven up our meeting space. Cabbage Roses, Camellia Bush, Pussy Willow, and Thistles galore. This time I worked alone on this project (normally it's total social time when I have a big flower project). The quiet was restful and a great time to pray and thank God for all of His detailed care over every living thing. 
*All of the glassware was graciously provided by event designer, Briana Tejada, from www.threadandsow.com.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Hydrangea Lane in 2014

2014 has been so fun so far! Started off with a very cute order… corsages (floral bracelets) and boutonnieres for Daddy/Daughter date nights at a local school and church.

Then for the Bohemian/Country stylized shoot complete with a floral crown, and 3 centerpieces. I loved being able to use the brightest and boldest colors in season right now!

I had a sweet pal join me on an adventure to downtown LA. We had coffee, great talks about life, and enjoyed all of the Lord's beautiful creation.
This is a grand arrangement I made out of all of the leftover pieces from the shoot. It has been a treat having this on my table!

Sneak Peek from the photo shoot! 

 Model, Event Design, and Stylized Shoot OrganizerBriana Lynn Tejada from Thread & Sow  
Male model: Josh Tejada
Photographer: Anna Elaine Converse 
Makeup: Denise Van Arsdale-West www.beautifulfacesbydenise.com 
Hair: Lynn Svoboda

I loved working with every single one of these people. Brianna, thank you for inviting me to be part. 


Friday, January 10, 2014

HL Presents: Winter Formal Corsages and Photo Shoot Contributions

Above- some centerpieces I made for a funky re-branding photoshoot  with my friend, Laura Pedrino at: www.lauraanddonny.com. They are a married, LA and Destination Photography team. When you go to their site, all the florals you see, I made! Makes my heart happy. I loved that she let me use such bold, fun colors. There are fillers and Anemones and Dahlias fiery red, with cotton and branches. Such texture. And she was a blast to work with. If you want to have a pair of sweet + fun photographers, I definitely recommend them! 

Why yes I did spray paint a succulent gold! :) It was fun. 

This is a senior formal corsage I made for a really special friend in my life. Her name is Kailey. I custom ordered this bracelet for her and attached willow, lavender, french tulips and roses- and would you guess by the end of the night- someone stole it? Bummer. At least we have the photos to remember :). 

This is a bridal bouquet I made with vintage lavender roses, cream stock flower, some upright Amaranthus, Japonica,  hand-wired Succulents, and of course, Artichoke. And don't forget my little Scabiosa Flowers. Did you know those little pods we love in weddings lately in different seasons have the cutest buds? It was DELIGHTFUL. 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

$75 Off Floral Design- Now Through Valentine's Day 2014

Hydrangea Lane is offering $75 off total floral order for your summer wedding when you book Hydrangea Lane in partnership with:

Katie with Katie Drumm Photography (http://drummstudios.com/houston/)


Briana with Thread and Sow Events (http://threadandsow.com/sow_who_are_we.html)

Now Through Valentine's Day 2014!

Enjoy some photos of previous Hydrangea Lane Events!